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13 May 2011 @ 09:22 pm
Golden Days Volume 8 Summary  

art by なご @ pixiv

★ Here’s a summary of the last volume of Golden Days by Takao Shigeru. I recommend looking through the actual book while reading this, since it will probably be less confusing, plus I didn’t translate some of the text-less scenes. (You can find RAWS of the series here). If you are currently reading this manga/considering reading it and you don’t want to be spoiled, DON’T click on the lj-cut. This is for anyone who read the RAWS and didn’t understand what was happening, or people who are curious about the ending and don’t mind the spoilers.
★ Some basic info:
Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Shounen-ai, Slice of Life, Tragedy
Description: [from Ivyscan’s page] Feeling rebellious toward his overprotective mother, Soma Mitsuya, a first-year high school student, only cares about his violin and his hospitalized grandfather. On the night his grandfather’s condition suddenly worsens, an earthquake hits, sending Mitsuya to 1921 in the Taisho era…
★ … I said “summary” but somehow it turned into a direct translation of the text bubbles (especially for the last three chapters). Clearly I’m not very good at summarizing things, lol (e.g. when explaining Glee to a friend: “It’s about a glee club.” “……………that’s it?” “………..yeah.”) It also turned out much longer than I expected (approx. 1900 words Σ(゚Д゚|||) eeeek!) but nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading it! I might do a proper translation of chapters 45-47 someday because the way it’s written right now really bothers me (so-and-so said this, so-and-so did this.) A proper translation would probably flow better when read, so if anyone’s interested, let me know and I will do it sometime in the futureヽ(´ー`)ノ

相馬 光也→ Soma Mitsuya
相馬 慶光→ Soma Yoshimitsu
春日 仁→ Kasuga Jin
相馬 慶→ Soma Kei
春日 亜伊子→ Kasuga Aiko
相馬 百合子→ Soma Yuriko
節→ Setsu
国見 隼人→ Kunimi Hayato (Yuriko’s lover)
生方 祭→ Ubukata Matsuri (Aiko’s friend, the son of her governess)
春日 常保→ Kasuga Tsuneyasu (Jin’s uncle, runs an orphanage)
田辺 つゆ子→ Tanabe Tsuyuko (Acquaintance of Soma family, was working as a prostitute to pay off a debt)


The reason why Mitsuya was sent back to the past was to stop Jin from shooting his uncle, Kasuga Tsuneyasu. Yoshimitsu and Yuriko’s parents died in a car accident, but Yoshimitsu had doubts about whether or not it was really an “accident”. He ran away that day to find the truth. Originally, he left the evidence in front of Tsuneyasu’s house for the maid to find, but Jin got to it first while on his way to pick up Aiko and Yuriko (who were unknowingly being held as hostages). He ends up shooting his uncle and turning himself in to the police. (The story is a bit vague about this part, but basically he wouldn't have been able to escape his punishment for trying to kill a family member). Tsuneyasu was the one that made someone else tamper with Yoshimitsu's parents' car, and he called for them on a day when the weather was really dangerous (thus causing the accident). But because of Mitsuya, he was able to take the bullet and change Jin's fate.

While Mitsuya is unconscious, he speaks to his grandpa in his dreams and finds out the truth (everything mentioned above). Yoshimitsu remarks that if Mitsuya were able to stay by Jin’s side even in the future, Jin would definitely live more happily. Mitsuya says he really likes Jin, but it’s almost time for them to say goodbye. He finally wakes up and is greeted by Aiko, Yuriko, and Hayato. Hayato says Mitsuya’s condition was critical, despite the bullet going through his shoulder. He finds out that Jin was taken in for questioning by the police and only came back the day before. He was always asking about Mitsuya, but no matter how much Yuriko asked him, he refused to visit today. She says Jin must be afraid to see him. Mitsuya tells them that Yoshimitsu will be back soon and they’ll be able to hear the whole story from him.

Kei visits and brings the chess set. Mitsuya says that since he’s already completed his mission (saving Jin), he’ll probably have to leave soon. Kei doesn’t want to go back. Originally, he thought he was sent back to help Mitsuya, but he was wrong. In the present, he lost everything important to him and wasn’t able to do anything about it. He’s afraid of protecting anything because whenever he thinks about how powerless he is, he wants to give up and run away. Yoshimitsu appeared before him and told Kei he would let him escape one last time, but if he runs away from Setsu’s side, there won’t be any more chances left. Kei thanks Mitsuya for helping him, while Mitsuya hopes that Kei can achieve his goal.

When Setsu and Kei leave, he starts thinking about how he can’t be forgiven for changing the past, but he doesn’t care anymore. He’s willing to endure any punishment as long as Setsu isn’t taken away from him. Yuriko and Aiko also have to leave to let Mitsuya rest, but they promise they’ll come see him tomorrow. Mitsuya wonders how he can protect people he’ll never see again. He’s looking at his grandpa’s chess set when he notices Jin coming in through the window.

Jin apologizes for not being able to take the car to pick him up because of the police. Mitsuya asks where they’re going and Jin says to a place that won’t change even in a hundred years. Jin asks if Mitsuya will leave. He recalls how when they first met, Mitsuya said he was from the future. They arrive at Atago Hill (from chapters 3 and 4). Mitsuya says he’s only from 70 years in the future, not 100, so it’s almost like taking a trip to another country. Jin says it’s completely different because even if he wants to see Mitsuya, he can’t. They might never be able to see each other again no matter how much they want to.

Mitsuya wants to warn him about the dangerous things that are going to be happening soon and to tell him how to escape. He wishes he could somehow bring Jin to the present where it’s peaceful. Jin starts freaking out because of how close he was to killing Mitsuya. He says he can’t handle losing someone important to him. PUNCH!! Σ(゚∀´(○------ (・∀・ )ノ!!! Mitsuya tells him to calm down.

Jin says Mitsuya has always been looking after/taking care of him, but he isn’t able to return the favour. He’s willing to do whatever Mitsuya asks him to. He only wants Jin to live happily. He has to be careful of his lifestyle habits and not disappoint Mitsuya. Until he dies, Jin has to always be happy. Jin says he likes Mitsuya and he doesn’t want them to be apart. Mitsuya doesn’t want to hear him say that because he’s going to start crying. He admits that he’s also really lonely. ( ´ 3 `)( ´ ε ` )

NOTE: Jin and Mitsu use “喜歡” when talking about each other. It means “like”, but it usually has a romantic connotation when used towards another person. (It’s also used by Hayato to Yuriko and Kei/Setsu). I checked the Japanese RAWS and they use “好きだ” and “すきだ”, suki da. According to this site, it means I like you a lot/I love you and is primarily used by men. Just clearing up the misconception that they don’t love each other/they’re just bros/ the love is unrequited etc. Of course, you could interpret all off it as platonic if you really want to, I suppose?

Mitsuya realizes that he accidentally brought his grandpa’s chess set with him. He gives the black knight to Jin to keep as a protective charm before disappearing. When he wakes up in the present, only 3 days have passed. He passed out after falling from the stairs. His gunshot wound is still there, as if it was made decades ago. Yoshimitsu begins to talk about what happened after Mitsuya left the past.

After the Kasuga Tsuneyasu business was dealt with, the Kasuga parents brought Aiko and Jin back to Italy to live there. Yoshimitsu was only able to go there once. He went to visit them and to bring Matsuri to Aiko as a present. Since Jin and Aiko left, Yuriko and Yoshimitsu went to live with Hayato’s family. Matsuri was allowed to work for the Kunimi household and also study at the same time. They married after he graduated from university, but he died before the war broke out. At the funeral, Aiko tells Yoshimitsu she knows everything will be fine because she keeps thinking about what Mitsuya used to tell her. After wards, she went back to Italy.

As for Yuriko, she and Hayato lost their first child during the war. She tells Yoshimitsu how if she didn’t already know Mitsuya would be born in this country, she would probably put a curse on the world. Hayato died from overworking the year after the end of the war. A year later, as if she was following him, Yuriko passed away as well.

Mitsuya’s mom brings Yoshimitsu’s photo album to him. Kei had been taking care of it. After the Great Kanto Earthquake, Kei adopted a lot of orphans. The Kinboshi (coffee shop) burned down so he stayed at a house provided by his previous boss. After the war, he established a support organization (kind of like an orphanage??) and he and his wife (Setsu) continued looking after many orphaned children. He was never willing to show his face in public. Until Setsu died, Kei always took care of her. In the next few years, after living the same way as before, he quietly ended his life. In the bottom of the chess set box, Kei left a picture of him, Setsu, and the kids for Mitsuya to see in the future.


Another soldier asks Jin (called Captain Bertini/Beldini?) if he’s writing a letter to his sister. They talk a bit about the other soldier’s relationships with women before he asks Jin if there’s anyone waiting for him at home. Jin believes he’ll be single for the rest of his life. The other soldier comments on how there’s no hope and no future in the world. He asks Jin what he’s fighting for and Jin says that in the past, he had a friend who told him he wasn’t allowed to be unhappy. As long as he has these memories, Jin already has enough happiness in his life. He’ll fight to protect the world for Mitsuya.

Mitsuya is organizing his grandpa’s belongings a year after his death. Yoshimitsu passed away 2 months after Mitsuya came back from the past. He finds a picture from his grandpa’s wedding with Tsuyuko. Mitsuya’s father reveals that they actually didn’t have any children. After the war, Yoshimitsu’s older sister and her husband passed away. He and Tsuyuko ended up adopting their child, who turned out to be Mitsuya’s dad’s father. Mitsuya’s dad doesn’t know much about Tsuyuko because she passed away shortly after he was born. Mitsuya finds his violin that broke when he fell off the stairs protecting his mom. He says that playing the violin is a form of liberation as well as escape. His dad asks who he’ll play the violin for now that his grandpa’s gone.

Until the end, Yoshimitsu never said much about what happened to Jin. If it wasn’t for Mitsuya, Yoshimitsu and Jin would have parted with regrets and guilt. Thanks to Mitsuya, Yoshimitsu was able to believe that they were true friends until their deaths. Apparently, Jin became a soldier during WWII and died in battle (specifically at the Battle of El Alamein, according to the Japanese wiki).

Mitsuya wants to go out on his own but his mother is worried. He asks her if she likes him and she says she likes him the most! He says he also really likes her. No matter how far apart they are or even if they can never see each other again, as long as she keeps smiling for him, that’s enough. (NOTE: Umm this part is a little hard to translate, he doesn’t use any pronouns other than “I”, so I just used “they” for the first part [Jin, Aiko, Yuriko & co.] and “she” [Mitsuya’s mom] for the second). He no longer wants to live like a dead person anymore. Mitsuya’s dad gives him a violin case that Yoshimitsu asked him to return to Mitsuya.

While leaving Yoshimitsu’s house, Mitsuya runs into a boy who introduces himself as Ubukata —. They go to Atago Hill. Mitsuya finds out that the boy is Aiko’s great-grandson. He asks if he really looks like his great-grandmother’s brother. Mitsuya says he looks more like Aiko, but his voice is similar to Jin’s. He goes to see the shrine while Mitsuya stays behind. He looks around and notices how much things have changed in 70 years. Ubukata says he came to deliver something for Mitsuya from his great-grandmother who passed away 3 years ago. Before she died, she always regretted not being able to deliver it in person. He gives Mitsuya Jin’s memento, the knight chess piece. It was said that on the battlefield, he kept it with him at all times up until his death. Mitsuya starts crying and is comforted by Jin’s spirit. Jin says that he’s already fought for happiness and in a way, Mitsuya was always able to stay by his side.

Ubukata sees the violin case and asks if Mitsuya could play it for him. When he was younger, his great-grandmother would play tapes of Mitsuya’s performances she received from Yoshimitsu. Mitsuya says he can’t because the violin’s broken, but when he opens the case, it looks brand new. Ubukata asks for just one song and Mitsuya agrees.

Happiness arrives by transcending space and time.
Those radiating and dazzling golden days.


★ I didn’t translate the side panel in the last chapter.. it gives some insight on how many times Jin and Yoshimitsu saw each other after Jin moved to Italy, what Yoshimitsu knew about Kei, and Mitsuya & Kei’s names. If anyone’s interested, I’ll try to translate it directly ( ´ ▽ ` )

★ I hope you enjoyed reading this! If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will try my best to answer them. Comments letting me know that you’ve read the whole thing would be great (so that I know people are actually looking at what I’ve written, lol). If you want a certain panel translated directly, I can do that. Just tell me the page number or link me to an image. Please let me know if I’ve made any mistakes as well! orz I had some trouble with the last two lines (trying to make them sound poetic.. it didn’t work lol) Any critiques/advice would be appreciated!
★ Any questions about volumes 4-7 are okay too, but volumes 6 & 7 will be harder for me to summarize /o\
★ Anon commenting is enabled so even if you don’t have an lj account, you can still comment.
★ For anyone who hasn’t heard of this manga or isn’t sure if they should read it or not, you definitely should. Honestly, it’s one of the greatest manga I have ever read, and one of my all-time favourites. The characters are loveable, the story is unpredictable, & it will make you laugh, cry, and smile. :) (I’ve included a link to the scanlation group’s site below if you’re interested.)
★ If you know anyone who wants to know the ending of this manga, please link them to this post. :)

Ivyscan’s Golden Days page for English scanlations
Pixiv tags (Contains spoilers)
Cocoon, a Japanese fanart site (Contains spoilers)
Tegaki tag (Thank you kilmeny11!)
→ Buy the manga: amazon.co.jp / books.com.tw / add a link? ╮('◡'✿)
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yumelingayumelinga on May 14th, 2011 06:19 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for sharing !! I really wanted to know what happen in the end
smiles & tears。☆彡8melodies on May 14th, 2011 06:25 am (UTC)
No problem! :) I hope you enjoy reading it ♥
sylphaen1637sylphaen1637 on May 14th, 2011 09:41 am (UTC)
Wow, this story is even more tragic than I thought it'd be! It's very sweet, though. I thought Jin would get married eventually, but I'm kinda glad he didn't. If he had, all those heartwarming moments he had with Mistuya would have seemed so fake. And I'm also happy that Takao Shigeru didn't show us too far into the future (you know, like Mistuya with his wife and kids or something)

This makes me sound like a crazed BL fan, doesn't it? But I'm not, you know XD

And your summary is really clear and easy to understand. Thank you for all your efforts! We Japanese/Chinese illiterate people really appreciate this!

Greetings, calstine
smiles & tears。☆彡8melodies on May 14th, 2011 09:51 am (UTC)
Hi calstine! 8D

Yeah, I definitely wasn't expecting any of this the first time I read GD (before the Great Kanto Earthquake/WWII reveal in the third volume). I actually thought Aiko would marry Yoshimitsu and that Jin would be sad, the end. XD Now that you mention it.. I'm really glad she didn't show Mitsuya's future either.

I know you aren't! =P & no problem~ I was worried about the writing being too repetitive;; Did you download the raw scans? :O
(no subject) - sylphaen1637 on May 14th, 2011 08:05 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - 8melodies on May 14th, 2011 09:55 am (UTC) (Expand)
michii: Ganymedemichiika on May 14th, 2011 10:20 am (UTC)
wow! Thank you so much for sharing this! I now have better understanding about the ending since I've read the raws and my Japanese is not that good yet and I've missed lots of stuffs :'D

It's so tragic and sad.. actually, more like bittersweet ;u; I feel like crying no matter how many times I read it ;u; Your summary is really good and clear and I really thank you for the summary♥♥
smiles & tears。☆彡: adventure time → finn8melodies on May 14th, 2011 04:35 pm (UTC)
No problem!! ♥

Ahh yeah~ ;u; I kept rereading the ending the day after I finished the series & I cried every single time XD I think my tear ducts broke, lol. & thank you!!
M: bluemairenn_k on May 14th, 2011 02:58 pm (UTC)
Oh wow, thank you so much for this! I'd only seen the raws (without being able to understand much of what was being said there) earlier, so a proper summary is something I've been wanting for ages. You did it very well, I think! It such a bittersweet ending, but it fits the story very well. The last two lines sound just fine to me! Thank you again, this really made my day. ♥
smiles & tears。☆彡: art → glasses8melodies on May 14th, 2011 04:38 pm (UTC)
No problem! I wrote this for anyone who read the raws, since I noticed quite a few people mentioning that. (mangafox, lj, etc) & thank you, I was worried about the last two lines sounding weird ><
asdfl;jk I'm glad it made your day! ;u; ♥
aocchanaocchan on May 14th, 2011 05:55 pm (UTC)
I've noticed we have similar tastes in manga! I like Nabari, you like Nabari; you like Adekan, I like Adekan... and now, you post a summary of Golden Days while I was about to start reading this manga! So, well, now I'm 100% sure this is a good manga and I'll read it! Buuuut... like always I'm a bit afraid for the scans (that aren't completed). I hope they won't drop the project XD (yeah, I know, I'm a little obsessed with the fear a group drop a project I love).
smiles & tears。☆彡8melodies on May 14th, 2011 06:10 pm (UTC)
AHHHHHHH NO WAY XD That just means we have great taste! ;D ♥
You should definitely read it, even if the scanlations are slow! It's such an amazing manga, it's totally worth it. I'm pretty sure it won't be dropped, since this is another series that most likely won't be scanlated, sigh. (a-and I'm thinking about helping them with their translation, maybe.. idk, if they need help I might ask them ;u;)
(no subject) - aocchan on May 16th, 2011 01:54 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - 8melodies on May 17th, 2011 12:47 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - aocchan on May 17th, 2011 01:57 pm (UTC) (Expand)
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(no subject) - 8melodies on May 17th, 2011 07:13 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Hachi: Aoi Serihoshico on May 27th, 2011 02:40 pm (UTC)
Aaah. I miss reading your posts. /;w;\ /been dead in lj lately T__T
Good thing I didn't accidentally clicked on the cut link or I'll regret spoiling myself again. orz;

Eversince you recommended Golden Days to me, I already placed it in my "to read" in Baka Updates. *w* but since I got busy with tumblr lately, I haven't had the chance to read it. But thanks to this post, I'll have reference if I get to read it already. ;v;

Keep posting nice summaries! *w*
smiles & tears。☆彡: adventure time → finn8melodies on May 27th, 2011 07:38 pm (UTC)
AHHH I missed you too! Where have you beeen ;3;
Yeah, you should probably avoid what's in this post, there are huuuge spoilers OTL

eee I'm so glad you're going to give it a try *A* Let me know what you think when you do read it ♥
(Anonymous) on May 29th, 2011 02:54 pm (UTC)
thank you so much. I kept finding spoilers in vietnamese only and it was so frustrating since i didn't understand a word ahah. Something I really appreciate is your little remark on the expressions Jin and Mitsuya use when referring to each other in japanese and chinese, because, reading from the raws and seeing as they never share a - you know - proper kiss (just the cheeks, ALWAYS THE CHEEKS aaargh such a tease ;D) i became convinced that Mitsu didn't reciprocate Jin's feelings, and this was unnerving >:( Now with that "suki da" thing I can dream at least ahah! I wanted so bad for those two to end together, rawr. Jin is, without doubt, the best character evah.
btw sorry for the rambling and for my horrible english!

smiles & tears。☆彡: art → bow8melodies on May 29th, 2011 08:40 pm (UTC)
No problem! & your English isn't horrible, I think it's fine :)

Yeah, I kept seeing people online talk about how they didn't love each other at all, or that they're more like brothers.. when those people only read the RAWs and didn't understand what was happening :/ So it was pretty important for me to clear that up, since I really love Jin/Mitsu ♥ (and also because I didn't want other people to believe false spoilers lol (´~`; )) I really wanted them to end up together too.. & Yesss Jin is such an amazing character, he's definitely one of my all-time favourites ;u;
Kilmeny: .she's drifting like a feather.kilmeny11 on May 29th, 2011 07:13 pm (UTC)
Wow, I don't even know how I ended up to this post... but it makes me reeeaally happy! :)
Golden Days is such a wonderful manga, isn't it? So heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. I can't remember crying as much as I did while reading my way through vol.8... Good job sharing the love! <3

Have you ever checked the tegaki tag? There are a few nice drawings there :)
smiles & tears。☆彡: anohana → menma8melodies on May 29th, 2011 08:49 pm (UTC)
It's my mission to spread the love for Golden Days! ( ´ ▽ ` ) I cried so much while reading (and rereading) the last volume, my tears wouldn't come out anymore ;~; It really is an amazing manga ♥

Oh my goodness, thank you for that link!! I'll add it to the post, if that's okay with you? :)
(no subject) - kilmeny11 on May 30th, 2011 01:58 pm (UTC) (Expand)
ketchupcrackerketchupcracker on July 14th, 2011 02:51 am (UTC)
Here from MF (a.k.a. the tl;dr rant person)

Thank you for the summary, it really clears up some stuff in the raws (Yuriko marrying Hayato when I thought she became an old spinster, the scene at the grave, etc.)

Also, was it ever mentioned how Grandpa Yoshimitsu was able to send Mitsuya and Kei back in time? or maybe it was just the earth quake?

Anyway, thank you again for clearing things up :)
smiles & tears。☆彡8melodies on July 14th, 2011 05:12 am (UTC)
Re: Here from MF (a.k.a. the tl;dr rant person)
L O L okay :3 ♥

No problem! It's easy to misinterpret the ending just from looking at the raws so I wanted to make sure people could know exactly what happened. :)

I don't have the books with me right now so I can't check but I'm pretty sure it isn't mentioned.. It was basically just a ~miracle~ imo. I'll check again later and let you know if I find out the real reason!
(Anonymous) on July 29th, 2011 11:51 am (UTC)
thanks so much for the summary! I read the manga with english scanlations and i was hooked. I downloaded the raws but couldn't understand the ending.. i'm so happy to be able to find your summary.
you mentioned that if we have any questions for volume 4, its okay to ask.. for volume 4 ending can I ask for a short summary of the ending of volume 4?
smiles & tears。☆彡8melodies on July 29th, 2011 12:14 pm (UTC)
Hello! No problem :) I don't have the books with me at the moment, so I can't give a very detailed summary (and my memory's a bit hazy..), would it be okay if I got back to you in ~2 weeks? Or if you don't mind a simple one, I could look at the raws and type it up now?
(Anonymous) on July 31st, 2011 07:07 am (UTC)
I can wait :) I'll be looking forward to volume 4 summary. thanks for spreading the love for golden days.
smiles & tears。☆彡8melodies on September 29th, 2011 01:49 am (UTC)
Hello! Sorry this took so long. I believe Ivyscan has already scanlated most of volume 4 and there's only one chapter left, do you still want a summary of that? Again, I'm sorry I took so long to reply orz
Anisa Emelineanisaex on August 8th, 2011 04:02 am (UTC)
Thank you for the summary! I just tried to read the last 4 volumes in Japanese; and thanks to this post I was be able to tell what was happening. <3
smiles & tears。☆彡8melodies on August 8th, 2011 10:12 am (UTC)
No problem! Glad it was able to help you :)
Le Cielhayu04 on September 7th, 2011 01:40 am (UTC)
Thank you very much for the summary XDD ...
But, i want to ask something that still i don't understand, hope u don't mind to answer it :D

1. It's about Mitsuya and Yoshimitsu,,
In the manga it say that Yoshimitsu and Tsuyuko didn't have any child, so they were adopting a child of Yuriko and Kunimi (who both of them is already dead), and that child will turn out become the father of Mitsuya's dad, right ?
So, that means that Yoshimitsu is Mitsuya's great-grandfather, right ? But why in all chapter it always say that Yoshimitsu is Mitsuya's grandfather ?

2. Also it's about the violin that given by Mitsuya's dad,, it should be broken, but why it's look like a brand new (in the last pages)?

Could u help me please..? Because i already thinking about it for a year, and still don't know the answer :'(
Hope u don't mind i ask this ...
(Anonymous) on September 23rd, 2011 09:55 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for the summary! I just read the four first volumes in English and just had to download the Japenese raws of the other volumes (even though I don't understand Japanese). Your summary helped me out a lot. The story is so sad and beautiful. It made me cry. When I think about it, I start again :')
smiles & tears。☆彡8melodies on September 29th, 2011 01:45 am (UTC)
Re: Naigel
No problem! I'm glad it was able to help you :) I know what you mean, I was pretty much an emotional mess the day after I finished reading it for the first time :') but it's such an amazing story, isn't it?
i_am_fujiokai_am_fujioka on October 4th, 2011 07:34 am (UTC)
I'm sorry for my terrible English. Thank you very much for the summary! I've read only 22 chapters and, unfortunately, can't understand Japanese. Thus, I was very pleased to know what happened in the end of this incredible story *____*

To be honest, I would like to ask you one question: who Jin was finally in love with? Mitsuya? It seems to me that in the beginning he loved Yoshimitsu (all his "Give him [Yoshimitsu] back to me!" in the 22 chapter, etc.), but then, after all this story, they became just friends. True friends ^^
Speaking about Mitsuya, Jin even went to war to protect the future for him.

Oh, my question is a bit strange... Can't help but I like Jin/Mitsuya *red*

Anyway, thank you SO MUCH one more time!
smiles & tears。☆彡8melodies on November 21st, 2011 05:28 am (UTC)
Sorry for the extremely late reply! No problem, I'm glad it was able to help you :)

Haha, he definitely loved Yoshimitsu in the beginning, maybe even up to the last volume. I've seen their relationship described as a "bromance", as in they're just really good friends, that's all. But then there's the part in the last volume where Jin says he likes Mitsuya, so he had to have some feelings for him, at least.

Aww, it's not a strange question! From what I've seen online (fanart etc) most people like Jin/Mitsuya ;u; Their relationship, whether platonic or romantic, is very sweet ♥